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Lately I’ve been noticing more and more people adding rose water to their daily lives. Buying rose water toners, rose water mists, etc. However, homemade rose water is quite simple, and the same steps can be done with most flowers. Floral waters are great as room mists, perfumes, or even to freshen up clothes. I love using it on my pillow, it’s fresh, organic and free of toxins!

Rose water also provides great benefits to our skin and overall well-being. It’s antibacterial and antioxidant rich, as some research demonstrates. It’s also known to reduce skin inflammation and redness, which makes it great for acne and other skin disorders. & my favorite; it promotes sleep (so spray it on your pillows!) Plus, homemade rose water is inexpensive and easy to make.


What you need:

  • Fresh Rose Petals (you can also use organic dried rose petals)
  • Distilled Water
  • A large pot

Note: I usually use 2 to 3 roses for the regular roses, or all roses if they are mini spray roses.


  1. First pluck the petals from the roses. Make sure to wash them properly in order to remove any dirt or chemicals the roses might have.
  2. In a large pot, place the petals with enough distilled water to cover the roses.
  3. Cover with lid and let it simmer. Once the petals have lost their color, the rose water is ready.
  4. Make sure to drain the rose water into a jar and place in a cool area.

There are a few other methods around for making rose water, I just simply like this method most because of its quickness. I also like to add 3 drops of an Essential oil (diluted) to my rose water. I use rose water mostly for my pillow and as a room mist. I recommend using Lavender because it helps with insomnia and anxiety (a natural sleep aid).

BUT, if you don’t have fresh roses, you can also make rose water with Rose essential oil.  Make sure you are using Pure Rose Essential oil, not a fragrance oil, as those tend to lack the benefits a pure essential oil will provide.

What you need:

  • Pure Rose Essential Oil (12 drops)
  • 1 cup Water (distilled)
  • 1 tsp Vodka (this is used to dilute the oil)
  • Glass Jar


  1. Fill the glass jar with 1 cup of distilled water.
  2. Add 12 drops of Rose Essential oil. Make sure to dilute the oil in 1 tsp of Vodka before you mix everything together.
  3. Shake well and your rose water is ready!



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