Today I’m writing a quick post on makeup remover. The recipe below is what I use to remove my makeup, any makeup (eye makeup, foundation, you name it!). It’s efficient and rich with benefits. & as you know, I’m absolutely in love with making sure what goes on my skin is as natural as possible (shouldn’t we all?).
The mixture below is an oil based remover with a touch of tea. The tea provides an anti-aging boost and makes sure the oils work their magic by making it easier to spread on your skin. Castor oil helps combat mild acne, fights bacteria, moisturizes, reduces blemishes and pigmentation, heals irritated/inflamed skin, & has anti-aging properties. Jojoba oil is great for treating acne and oily skin, as it reduces oily skin (I know oil..whaat! But it modulates sebum production), it is also great for eczema and psoriasis, and much more. Apricot oil helps maintain moisture balance in the skin because of its high concentration of fatty acids. Avocado oil has a high concentration of Vitamin E, which helps reduce inflammation and dryness, soothes the skin from sun burns, helps with eczema, moisturizes and even treats acne, plus it has anti-aging properties (woohoo).


  • 1 ¼ TSP Castor Oil
  • ½ TSP Jojoba Oil
  • ½ TSP Apricot Oil
  • ¾ TSP Avocado Oil
  • 2 ½ TBSPS Green Tea
  • Small bottle or container.

Alternatives: Using white tea if you don’t have green tea is great too, it provides the same benefits as green tea.


  • Mix the oils in a cup; make sure to mix them well. Add the tea and mix again.
  • Make sure to store in a container.
  • Store in the refrigerator up to 1 week or 2.


DIY Makeup Remover Pads

We all use cotton rounds when using makeup remover. An easy way to make makeup remover pads is as follows:

  • Dip the pads, about 5 to 6 at a time, in the mixture until it is absorbed. Stir before starting a new batch, as it will keep the tea mixed with the oils.
  • Make sure to press out any excess fluids. You can make as much as 20 or a bit more depending on the size of your bowl.
  • Place the saturated pads in an air tight container.

P.S Make sure to do a patch test before using the combined ingredients 🙂

Stay Beautiful, Claudia!


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