Howdy Lovelies,

I wanted to dedicate a post to update those of you who don’t follow me on Instagram. I’m currently in the process of moving to The Netherlands. As a result of this, I have not been able to write on here much, nor have I been active on social media. I have many recipes waiting to be shared, that I’ve written over the years in my handy-dandy notebook, yet I packed it early and sent it away by mistake. Thus, I have been without my recipes and also without time. Never though moving overseas would be such a headache. However, I’m extremely excited to start this new adventure and hope once I’m settled to get back to blogging not only recipes but life in Amsterdam, as a Latina American Muslim.

I’m currently on my last days of work and getting all my things settled here before I leave in 2 weeks. One thing I can say about this whole moving experience is; if you have pets, what a damn headache it is! I’ve had to do so much to prepare my cat and the worry that he has to fly cargo is killing me slowly. But, I pray and trust Allah will keep us both calm and safe, anxiety free! It’s also quite sad saying “Adios” to my room here. And a lot of my things I simply can’t take, which will remain in my mother’s home. Saying farewells to my family and friends, is also something I’m trying to think positive about. Because, let’s face it, in the end, I will be traveling back and forth quite often. But the truth is, I’m a momma’s girl, under her wing from birth until forever, so that’s going to be extremely difficult. And my sister might not believe this, but she’s my person (Grey’s Anatomy reference), through all the ups and downs and childish fights of sibling life, she’s my person (along with my second person, the hubby).

What do I look forward to my move? Being able to focus on my writing, my goals, my religion, and my dreams in general. And the best part is doing all of this next to the love of my life. So, I hope you patiently wait for my return. Exciting things are to come, and I hope you’ll enjoy them once they do!

Also, you can follow me on Instagram for random updates. And check out my older recipes (if you’re missing me, jk….yea I can’t joke at all) that are skin loving and will make your flawless selves even more beautiful!

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P.S Stay beautiful, humble and kind!

Love, Claudia!


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